Latest Trend in Cannabis Kitchens

Critically acclaimed Cooking on high, just won my vote on Netflix and chill flicks on the flat screen.
Cooking on High _ Netflix Official Site - Google Chrome 6_25_2018 8_55_04 PM
I am listening while I blog so bare with me, Intelligence drives me, as well as foods.; not to mention the cannabis itself . The show is unique with its cannabis genre, also teaches the viewer the that doesn’t know cannabis argo, the difference between thca, thc, cbd as well as informative recipes that I had not heard of yet.
The Show is a Cannabis cooking competition, featuring  Josh leyva, Ngaio Bealum.
Season 1 already streaming on netflix already stirring  positive feedback.
personally im allergic to what one of the contestants, which happens to be cod cake; im allergic to the yeast you use to make the cod cake, made out of girl scout cookies
which which is a Durban Poison and an OG Kush. which really keeps you laxed without going over the edge.

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