De Blasio Gives NYPD 30 Day Ultimatum

New York Cannabis News Update.

Meanwhile back at the North Eastern Cannabis movement, it has never been a better time to be alive. Generation X as in myself and other Cannabis Activist. New York and New Jersey in full-blown competition to legalize the Infamous plant.

De Blasio gave NYPD an ultimatum, to stop arrest, wrap it up by August 1st. All thanks due to Miss Nixon, if she would have never mentioned the Infamous plant; it would have never happened. We would have still been waiting to see on which side of the ballot, was cannabis going to be placed.

Although Miss Nixon, May have used words that collectively ended up being in a New Yorkers favor, ended up ruining her chances at survival for the primaries. I will truly and unapologetically say thank you Miss Nixon for your 15 minutes of fame.

Daily News Front Page
Daily News Front Page

This was one of the most publicized. over 17,880 people have been arrested through out 2017, for low-level cannabis possession, smoking in public ans so forth, and over 85 percent of those people are people of color. De Blasio’s no-arrest recommendations wont have immediate effect on New York’s Finest (NYPD) it is expected to get a 30 day review of cannabis enforcement procedures at the NYPD. Again keep in mind that if it weren’t for Nixon, This 30 day review they are working on would not have happened. Thank You Ms. Nixon, for helping speed things up.